The most advanced electronic cigarette technology yet, eSmokies provide access to pure, pharmaceutical grade eLiquid nicotine, without the well-known side effects of combustion smoking. More than just a replacement for smoking, eSmokies allow you to enjoy pure flavours, including the traditional tobacco and menthol, but also fruit and cappuccino flavours that improve upon the original. E-cigarettes provide all the satisfaction of smoking with few or no side effects, and are a much healthier alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. Many people turn to e-cigs as a way to stop smoking, and many more see them as a healthier alternative and an important part of their modern lifestyles.

What is an e-cigarette, exactly? eCig, or electronic cigarette, is a hand held, battery powered electronic vaporiser, used to inhale flavoured vapours which may or may not contain synthetic nicotine and generally simulate traditional smoking. The eCigheats an eLiquid internally, producing a flavoured vapour. The user inhales this vapour much as one would inhale from a traditional cigarette. An eCig is activiated by inhaling, and has the same ‘feel’ as smoking a cigarette. This has been shown to be more satisfying, and more help in overcoming cigarette addiction, than nicotine gum, patches or other pharmaceutical therapies. The vapour exhaled even has the appearance of smoke, with none of the risks associated with traditional cigs, such as second hand smoke. Contrary to popular belief, electronic cigs contain no tobacco. The vapour released is primarily water, and the device produces no ashes or tobacco smoke.

The eLiquids that become the vapour are completely pure, and contain only purified water, guaranteed safe flavourings, and pharmaceutically pure synthetic nicotine if desired. e-Smokies deliver all the pleasure of smoking, but without the health risks, odours, and other problems associated with traditional smoking.


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